Essex Electro Engineers, Inc., (“Essex”), was founded in 1964. Essex specializes in the design and manufacture of specialty electrical power equipment and solid state control modules. Essex’s major customers have been the U.S. Military – Army, Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”). A majority of the equipment is designed, manufactured and tested to meet stringent military specifications and FAA specifications. Throughout the past 50 years Essex has designed and manufactured millions of dollars worth of special electrical equipment for both the Government and commercial buyers. Some of the types of products Essex has designed and manufactured include Motor Generator Sets, Floodlight Sets, Power Supplies, Load Banks, Variable Speed Drives, Transfer Switch Panels, Engine Generator Sets, Battery Chargers and Electrical Switchboards. Essex’s present facility of 50,000 square feet is fully equipped to manufacture the equipment on this program.

Essex has designed, manufactured and tested many integral parts of the primary equipment. These include solid state electronic modules such as voltage regulators, fault detectors, instrument transducers, electronic timers and sequence controls. These modules include PC board assembly and soldering to military standards and specifications. In many of our designs, Essex’s engineers perform heat transfer and reliability analyses. The heat transfer may range from cool solid state components to cooling diesel engine components or high power rectifiers, which require gallons of coolant flow. In performing reliability analyses, Essex’s engineers prepare program plans and tasks in accordance with MIL-STD-785, utilizing MIL-HBK-217 for the quality level of components. Essex has designed and manufactured computer controlled data acquisition and control systems to monitor and test production equipment. The data acquisition system includes the monitoring and controlling of voltage, current, relay contacts, solenoids and motors, recording these parameters onto a floppy disk and displaying the results on a CRT screen. Essex has a team of technicians and engineers experienced in the design, manufacturing and testing of generator sets, solid state power supplies and control systems.

Other support services Essex has available include on-site startup, training and maintenance service. In addition, Essex does have available assembly, wiring and testing services utilizing in-house test equipment which is calibrated and maintained in accordance with MIL-STD-45662. Essex has a complete inventory of such test equipment available for use as has been demonstrated by performance on many previous Government Contracts and commercial purchase orders. Essex performs all work in compliance with specific standards as follows: Essex’s Quality Control Program in accordance with MIL-Q-9858; Essex’s soldering procedures in accordance with MIL-STD-2000; and an Electrostatic Discharge Program (ESD) in accordance with MIL-STD-1686.